Re-Entering the The Tampa Workforce:

A Promising place for Returning Citizens

One of the main points of interest for Workforce Development includes finding ways for returning citizens to solidify a lucrative, fulfilling, career pathway. The reason for this is we know through the personal stories and current research, leaving jail or prison to reenter society is often met with many obstacles, making it difficult for one to successfully re-acclimate and avoid recidivism. 

Some of that work includes partnering with community organizations, businesses, and other groups actively working to secure resources, and offer opportunities to those who may be court-involved and wanting to contribute to the workforce. 

The City of Tampa partners with several organizations to help ensure the transition for returning workers is successful. Sharing such opportunities will help persons with lived incarceration histories build a positive future for themselves and their families. Finding a good job or career will help reestablish self-worth, and financial stability, and allow them to solidify a sense of community structure and purpose.

Watch a video from local service provider Abe Brown Ministries here


Healthcare is another major concern for returning workers. The City of Tampa provides resources with the best healthcare plans and care. Tampa is also home to Tampa General Hospital which is ranked #1 hospital in Tampa.

Tampa General Hospital

Tampa Family Health Centers also offers a range of services and quality healthcare facilities throughout the city:


It is understood that housing stabilization is required to maintain a job or career and vice versa. There are several programs located in Tampa Bay that support re-entering workers in transition secure housing and other essential resources.


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The City of Tampa is a great place to rebuild - it offers resources to help returning citizens thrive by highlighting connections to career pathways, meaningful jobs, skills training, housing, and healthcare. Visit the links below to explore services from a few trusted partners.

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