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General Event Utilities Information

For full details, see the Tampa Convention Center General Building Policies:

Exhibit Hall Floor Weight Load

The TCC exhibit halls have strict loading limitations. These limitations vary depending on the location within the hall space. If a dead load is greater than 20K lbs. or a dynamic load is greater than 10K lbs. to be displayed, the equipment manufacturer shall be supplied with a copy of the TCC Exhibit Hall floor loading diagram, available here: The manufacturer's engineer will determine if the load is within acceptable parameters and supply the Licensee with written documentation on company letterhead with Engineering signature and license number stating compliance of the specific equipment. A copy of this document must be supplied to the Convention Services Manager upon submission of the floor plans.

Power Requirements

See UL listing plate on the back of equipment which identifies the amperage/wattage required. For multiple pieces of equipment, add the amps/wattage to get the total required.

Minimum/Maximum Power Order

The minimum power order is 5 amps/500 watts. Contact us if the level of electrical service needed is not listed on the Order Form.

Power Distribution

Power is distributed from floor ports located throughout the building. For requirements of more than 50 amps, single-phase service, a 100 amp distribution box will be installed. The distribution box can be hidden in a cabinet, closet, or under a table in your booth.


Generators are not permitted inside the Tampa Convention Center property. Use of generators outside must be pre-approved.

Ceiling drops

Ceiling drops are available for booth power.

24-Hour Power

Power is provided 24 hours a day, however, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted 24-hour power service due to events beyond our control (i.e. power outages, etc.).

Floor Plans

To ensure proper placement of utilities, a floor plan showing the placement of electric, internet, telephone, etc. must be submitted 21 days prior to move-in to avoid a delay in installation.


Exhibit Halls are equipped with high-intensity energy-efficient LED lighting. If you need additional lighting, please contact our in-house AV provider.

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