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Tampa Convention Center Gasparilla

Safety & First Aid

The safety of our guests and employees is of great concern to us. Our staff has been trained to assist with emergencies. 

Building Security

Our in-house security command is available 24 hours a day to assist with any security needs. Report any suspicious behavior or activities as quickly as possible.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Station

3rd floor First Aid station: located on the 3rd floor in the back corner of the East Exhibit Hall.

Paramedics on-site

Paramedics are on-site for certain events and may be contacted by radio by event staff.

Nearest Hospital

Tampa General Hospital is a level I trauma center located directly across the water from the Tampa Convention Center on Davis Islands.

Phone: (813) 844-7000
Address: 1 Tampa General Circle, Tampa 33606

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

AEDs are located throughout the building as follows. Security and Convention Center staff can assist you. If a Paramedic is on duty, they may be contacted by radio by event staff to respond with their portable AED equipment.

1st floor: located on wall across from Meeting Room 1.

1st Floor: located inside the Franklin Street Entrance Alcove next to Ballroom D

1st floor: located inside the Rotunda near the water end of the building across from the Bay Bistro.

3rd floor: located on wall at Dock Door 2 in the back of the West Hall.

3rd floor: located on wall at the Central Hall Entrance.

Fire Alarm

If the building alarm sounds with the automated evacuation notice, please walk as quickly as possible to the designated safe location of The Sail Plaza, along the Riverwalk just before the Amelia Arena.

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