Tampa Convention Center

Public Art in Private Development

The City of Tampa's role in culture is to provide opportunities for engagement in the arts and improve the ability to learn by providing tools that impact community confidence. The city's cultural strategy seeks to create platforms for engagement that are free and accessible to the public and that maintain artistic excellence, have wide appeal and provide educational content. Download the guidelines for Public Art in Private Development. 

What do you kneed to know if you're developing in the Central Business District or the Channel District:

The Process

How Ordinance Works 

Download Quick Guides to Each Ordinance 


  • Artwork must provide free access to artistic excellence 
  • How the artwork works within the overall district will be considered

For more information, please contact Robin Nigh, Manager of the Art Programs office at (813) 274-8531 or email robin.nigh@tampagov.net

Updated: 10/01/2023