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City Projects

City projects vary in scope and length of time from several months to several years. Regardless of their size or scope, these types of projects provide a tangible example of how we are Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow.

Capital Improvement Projects

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Learn about current and upcoming capital improvement projects(CIP).

Tampa invests millions of dollars into a variety of construction projects every year. These capital improvement projects include updating our streets for improved mobility, improving our storm drains to expanding our capacity to provide clean drinking water and collecting wastewater. Capital improvement projects can also include investments to build or rehabilitate buildings such as fire and police stations and recreational facilities. These critical, long-term investments help support our economic vitality and promote livable neighborhoods.



Using our CIP Viewer you can explore various city projects and find:

  • Project descriptions
  • What phase a project is in
  • Funding source as well as estimated costs 
  • The anticipated start and end dates of the project
  • The person to contact for more information