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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Mckay Bay Waste-To-Energy Facility

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Residents Gardening

Residents Gardening

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver outstanding services that enhance the quality of life and foster a more sustainable and livable city. The City of Tampa is dedicated to building a clean energy future, conserving natural resources, and preparing for climate impacts. We approach these commitments using three core values:

  1. Go Green: Ensure decisions consider life cycle environmental impacts
  2. Be Fair: Ensure decisions are equitable and socially responsible
  3. Keep Safe: Ensure decisions are redundant, resilient, and adaptable
Whit Remer: Sustainability and Resilience Officer

306 E. Jackson Street - 8N
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 274-3290

Water Management and Conservation

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Green Building

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Tampa’s Certified Gold, Florida Green Building Coalition.
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