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Community Redevelopment Areas

CRA'sInvesting in neighborhood redevelopment is a high priority in each of Tampa's eight community redevelopment areas. From Downtown to Drew Park, redevelopment activity is helping to make Tampa's neighborhoods more attractive, safe, convenient, environmentally healthy, and economically strong.

The Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency provides legislative oversight of the community redevelopment areas.

Community Redevelopment Agency Adopted FY 2023 Budget

Community Redevelopment Areas

CRA Meetings

City Seeks Members for CRA Community Advisory Committees 

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Tampa is seeking individuals to serve on the following CRA Community Advisory Committees (click on the CRA link below to access application):

The purpose of the Community Advisory Committees is to ensure that the interests of residents, property owners, businesses, and other stakeholders in the area are represented in key decisions. Community Advisory Committees provide input and make recommendations to City staff and the Community Redevelopment Agency concerning their respective areas.  Interested parties must live or work in one of the redevelopment areas or have significant interests within the area. Individuals with a background or expertise in the redevelopment process, such as neighborhood planning, real estate development, or real estate finance are also being sought.   These positions are voluntary. Individuals appointed to Community Advisory Committees serve without compensation.  Call (813) 242-3807 for additional details.

Contact Information

Director:  Vacant - 813-274-8325
Main Office:  Cee Jay Thompson, Office Support Specialist  813-274-8325
Address:  306 E Jackson Street, Tampa, FL. 33602

East Tampa CRA 

Manager:  Cedric McCray - 813-242-3806
Main Office:  Vacant, Office Support Specialist  813-242-3807                                                                                                                                                 
Address 3808 N. 22nd Street, Tampa, FL. 33610

Ybor CRA 

Manager: Courtney Orr - 813-274-7937
Main Office:  
Urban Planner III: Corine Linebrink - 813-274-7960
Economic Development Specialist II: Brenda Thrower  - 813-274-7917

Address: 2015 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605

Downtown, Channel District, Central Park, and Tampa Heights CRAs  

Manager: Jeff Burton - 813-274-8152
Main Office: Cee Jay Thompson, Office Support Specialist  813-274-8325  
Urban Development Project Coordinator: Melisa J. Martinez - 813-274-8402
Address: 306 E. Jackson Street, Tampa, Florida 33602

West Tampa, Drew Park CRAs  

Manager:  Jesus Nino - 813-274-7427
Main Office: Cee Jay Thompson, Office Support Specialist  813-274-8325  
Economic Development Specialist II: Andrea Roshaven- 813-274-8245
Address: 306 E. Jackson Street, Tampa, Florida 33602

CRA Communications & Project Coordinator: Belix "Be" Parks- 813-274-8380


CRA Façade Grant Improvement Program

The CRA Façade Grant Improvement Program provides property owners with financial assistance (grant) to improve the appearance of their properties in designated areas of Tampa's Community Redevelopment Area (CRAs). The program is funded for the fiscal year 2016 for Drew Park, East Tampa, and Ybor City.