Tampa on Tilt

File No. BZP21-68902

Date of Adoption

Resolution making certain changes in the budget of the City of Tampa for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021; approving the transfer, reallocation, and/or appropriation of $1,600,000 within the Channel District Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Fund, to provide for various projects or programs; providing an effective date.

Motion: (Dingfelder-Miranda) That said agenda item be continued to July 29, 2021 under Staff Reports and Unfinished Business, per the written request from Brian Morrison, Assistant City Attorney. Motion carried by voice roll call vote of 6-1 with Carlson voting no. 

Memorandum from Brian Morrison, Assistant City Attorney, requesting a continuance to July 29, 2021 for said agenda item. 

Motion: (Maniscalco-Miranda) That said memorandum, be received and filed. Motion carried unanimously with Viera being absent at vote.