EBO Commonly Used Verbiage & Acronyms


Primary EBO Program Terms:

  • W/MBE = Women and Minority Business Enterprise (May also be noted as WMBE)
  • SLBE = Small Local Business Enterprise
  • U-W/MBE = Underutilized Women and Minority Business Enterprise (i.e.., Construction U-W/MBE is BBE)
  • Non-U-W/MBE = Non-Underutilized Women and Minority Business Enterprise (i.e., Ancillary participation with the other women and minority groups)
  • BBE = Black Business Enterprise 
  • HBE = Hispanic Business Enterprise
  • ABE = Asian Business Enterprise
  • WBE = Women Business Enterprise
  • SDVOSB/VOSB = Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business / Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Business Enterprise

Diversity Management Initiative (DMI) - Delineate utilization of W/MBEs and SLBEs based on total procurement, total dollars awarded, and total actual payments.

Competitive Spend/Award – Contracts or Bidding available for products and services needed (i.e., ITB/RFP/RFQ/CCNA).

Non-Competitive Spend/Awards - There are certain times when it is not possible to use competitive bid processes to acquire goods and non-professional, professional, technical, and highly specialized services. (I. PURCHASING DEPARTMENT PROCEDURES, 7.0, 7.1)

Narrowly Tailored – When it is determined that disparity/underutilization exists for a given group, the Ordinance includes provisions that allow use of mandatory W/MBE participation goals. The goals or remedies are specific to the affected group and industry category where disparity/underutilization is found.

Good Faith Efforts (GFE) - Evaluations to determine total attainment on projects for goal sets and sheltered markets.

Goal Set vs. Goal Attainment – U-W/MBE & SLBE participation “goal-set” on projects that had pre-determined subcontract opportunities, versus the actual-overall “percent of participation” achieved at contract award.


Contract Types:

  • Sheltered Market – Contract bidding opportunities for Certified Women and Minority Businesses (W/MBE) & Small Local Businesses (SLBE) to bid as prime contractors on projects valued at $300,000 or less. For a project to qualify for this program, there must be at least three (3) certified firms in the same type of work category. This program helps smaller and diverse businesses compete fairly for contracts within their community.
  • CCNA – Consultant Competitive Negotiation Act: The agency shall negotiate a contract with the most qualified firm for professional services at compensation, which the agency determines is fair, competitive, and reasonable. (https://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2013/287.055)
  • ITB/RFP/RFQ – Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposal, Request for Qualifications
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