TECO Streetcar at Dick Greco Plaza

Contribute to Open House City Center’s new outdoor sculpture

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Open House sculpture

Contribute to Open House
City Center’s new outdoor sculpture

This permanent artwork will incorporate
your favorite street names, contributed by you!

This summer a new artwork will be coming to Hanna Avenue’s City Center. For the building’s expansive outdoor plaza, the artist duo AREA C Projects has designed Open House, a large-scale sculpture that visualizes City Center as a place where plans and ideas for new homes, new businesses and new projects of all kinds begin to take form in real life. Open House visualizes these dream structures through a colorful sculpture that plaza users can move around and within. It will also incorporate a gathering of culturally & personally significant Tampa street names contributed by Tampa community members!


Tampa has thousands of streets, with thousands of names.  We hope you’ll help us dig into the ways that these streets connect meaningfully with the lives of the people who live here. There are two ways you can do this: