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Soulwalk Community Cookbook

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The City of Tampa’s Soulwalk has curated and connected a variety of the city’s historic sites into one continuous “trail” for people to better understand Tampa’s history and communities of color.  Like the historic trail, the Soulwalk cookbook companion will curate recipes and other points of interest and organize them into one cohesive journey through the hearts and bellies of Tampa’s community of color.

The City of Tampa’s Soulwalk cookbook team is seeking the participation of residents of color.  We welcome the public’s recipes, snippets of memories, profiles of people and businesses, and other notes about the preparation and consumption of food.

Please feel free to add as much or as little text as you like for as many or as few questions as you prefer.  While we cannot guarantee your materials will make it into the cookbook, we value all feedback.

Deadline to submit is Thursday, February 29th

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