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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

City of Tampa GIS

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team is responsible for developing citywide GIS solutions and standards and provides strategic direction, leadership and management for implementing GIS solutions.

Technology Strategy

Place the technology on user's desktops, as well as remote field locations, in a standalone, sustainable environment. Let the individual users, who are the most familiar with their environment and needs, perform analysis, create presentation output, and make operational decisions at the time and in the manner that best suits their requirements. Make this highly portable and versatile technology a part of user's normal, everyday productivity tools.

  • Users know best what they need, when they need it, and how it should look.
  • Users know their own data and requirements better than anyone else.
  • Let the users use the GIS tools and data when and how they need them.
  • Give the users applications with familiar Windows functions (point/click, drag/drop)

City GIS Section Functions

 We view our primary functions as:

  • Manage GIS technology
  • Lead Enterprise GIS initiatives
  • Maintain generic base layers (i.e.: street centerlines)
  • Providing technical assistance/consulting/guidance

GIS Maps

Updated: 05/16/2024