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Solid Waste and Recyclable and Recovered Materials Ordinance

Solid Waste and Recyclable and Recovered Materials Ordinance

There are new updates to the Solid Waste and Recyclable and Recovered Materials Ordinance (Articles IV and V, Sec. 26) which was previously adopted and put into effect on January 13th, 2022. Most of the changes to the Solid Waste and Recyclable and Recovered Materials ordinance are minor and needed to keep Code references current. There are three substantive changes that may affect some customers. Those changes are listed below:

Sec. 26-166(f) Special Pick-ups, Customers who request special pick-up service will be able to take advantage of reduced minimum service fees. The previous special pick-up minimum of 4 cubic yards has been reduced to 1 cubic yard.

Sec. 26-166(a) – Container Regulations, Residential collection fees include one (1) solid waste cart and one (1) recycling cart per account. Charges will be assessed if additional carts are requested.  Excess carts will be removed.  

Sec. 26-171 – Yard Waste Equity, Residential customers may place up to 4 cubic yards of yard waste curbside for collection services on their regularly scheduled yard waste collection day.  

Customers may contact the City of Tampa Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811,  or visit the website at  if they have any questions or concerns.   

NOTE: New Tampa residents are encouraged to contact Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management at (813) 272-5680 for their collection criteria.

Can I get an extra garbage cart for my house?

Not yet. In response to customer requests, Solid Waste & EPM has begun a process to obtain approval for citizens to request and pay for an additional garbage cart. Customers will be notified when this option is online and available. We have no additional details on this project.

How much will it cost me for curbside junk removal?

We no longer have a 4 cubic yard minimum. The rate is 16.44 per cubic yard.

A standard household oven is about 1 cubic yard in size (3’ by 3’ by 3’). Three trash bags full of yard debris would be roughly 1 cubic yard. The large garbage can that the city provides fills to approximately 1/2 of a cubic yard.

Most of our pickup requests are less than 4 cubic yards.