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Tampa SoulWalk - Art, Community, Growth

Soulwalk is an arts and heritage “trail" that tells the rich history of Tampa's Black communities and highlights the diverse, thriving creative community in present-day Tampa.

Musicians at Leaders’ Row installation in Perry Harvey, Sr. Park Photo by Amy Martz

Musicians at Leaders’ Row installation in Perry Harvey, Sr. Park Photo by Amy Martz

Soulwalk spans approximately 46 miles and 25 neighborhoods and includes nearly 100 stops that visitors can explore, including public art installations, historic landmarks, museums, cemeteries, and more. The collaborative initiative, with partners such as the Tampa Bay History Center and the University of South Florida, brings fresh insights and opportunities to engage, remember, and explore.

Plaque with inscription "Fellow poets, dreamers, freethinkers: sit here a while and let the magic of your words create a better universe." - James E. Tokley, Poet Laureate of Tampa

St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the longest standing, and most important African American churches in Tampa, is now a part of Soulwalk.

The goal of Soulwalk is to strengthen Tampa neighborhoods and contribute to building communities through storytelling, community engagement, and documentation to complement and elevate a sense of community.

Visitors can traverse the trail on foot, bike, or by car and can access more information about each of the existing locations through an app that is still in development. Community events and educational opportunities will take place throughout the year to announce new additions to the trail, raise awareness, and receive community input.

Contribute to Soulwalk

If you have stories about growing up in Tampa or photos to share, visit send them via email to or fill out this form.

If you are interested in getting involved through sponsorship, contact to learn more. 

Soulwalk is overseen and maintained by the City of Tampa, in partnership with the Tampa Bay History Center, Visit Tampa Bay, the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, Hillsborough Community College, and Hillsborough County.

Updated: 03/13/2023