Deborah Barnes

Deborah King Barnes

Deborah Barnes

Wathu International Ministries

Unsung Hero

From a very young age growing up in Orlando, Deborah has worked to make life better for the underserved through activities in her church, the Girl Scouts and various community youth groups.  When observing the people that she had the opportunity to serve, she recognized the great need to address the issues regarding poverty, hunger, lack of medical care, inadequate education, and   spirituality.    

As she matured, started a career, became a wife and mother, her service in ministries to help the local community continued in Tampa Bay.  She served in ministries at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, feeding the homeless at the Homeless Breakfast Ministry, providing groceries for community members in the food bank ministry, collecting and distributing toys as chairman of the Toy Drive Ministry and street evangelism sharing the gospel to the young and old.   

In 1997 Deborah met a missionary whose story changed her life.   Since then, she has traveled to 3rd world countries in the Caribbean, West Africa and Haiti as a short-term missionary, sharing the gospel by teaching Vacation Bible School, street evangelism, distributing collected baby clothing, personal hygiene items, school and medical supplies to God’s people in those countries.  After 24 years, Deb is still committed to traveling and working as a missionary to share the gospel and help the needy wherever she can locally and abroad.   

Her motivating scripture is Luke 12:48 “To whom much is given, much is required.”