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Hillsborough House of Hope

Hillsborough House of Hope

Hillsborough House of Hope

Mrs. Margaret Palmer and Mrs. Linda Walker

Unsung Hero

Ms. Margaret Palmer was a volunteer counselor for women serving time in Hillsborough County Correctional Facilities, where she witnessed them make significant progress in their lives while incarcerated - only to face hardship and struggles after their release.  Many of the women did not have a strong support system to help them successfully transition into society as an ex-offender.  Unfortunately, they often failed to overcome the adversity and were propelled into this negative reformatory cycle.  

​Ms. Margaret, a woman of God, turned to her faith for guidance on how she could help these women live a life with purpose and assistance.  God blessed her with a vision and a community of partners to provide a support system for women transitioning out of correctional institutions to receive positive reinforcement that aids in their personal, social, and professional rehabilitation.  Ms. Margaret’s dream was realized in 1998, when she established the Hillsborough House of Hope.  

While incarcerated, Ms. Linda Walker became a protégé of Ms. Margaret and credits her for being a great inspiration in the transformation of her life.  She is one of Hillsborough House of Hope’s most successful stories.  Serving as Program Director, Ms. Walker gives back a portion of the blessings she received under Ms. Palmer’s tutelage by ensuring that every woman has the opportunity of hope, during their stay at the Hillsborough House of Hope.  



Updated: 02/20/2022