Ybor City

Transportation and Stormwater Operations Division

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The Transportation and Stormwater Operations Division is responsible for planning and scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance of assets that fall within the public right of way including drainage system maintenance, resurfacing and pothole patching, roadway striping, traffic signal operations, street lighting, sidewalk installation, and repair, bridge operation, seawall maintenance, traffic sign fabrication, and maintenance.

Maintenance of the drainage infrastructure includes cleaning storm drain inlets, pipes and ditches; repairing curbs, gutters, and catch basins; and installing new drainage systems.  Staff completes small drainage projects such as driveway pipe replacements, catch basin repairs, and riverbank stabilization.  Staff also operates a fleet of street sweepers and vacuum trucks to keep storm drains flowing freely.

The division also administers all contracts for the department, monitors all service contracts, oversees all memorandums of agreement for maintenance of assets owned by others, oversees both the in-house and contractual paving programs, the in-house Stormwater Capital Improvement Program, and traffic signal maintenance and repair.

The City of Tampa provides annual funding for the resurfacing program.  A variety of tools are used to improve the City's overall pavement condition.  Such tools include:

  • Cold In-Place Recycling
  • Crack Seal
  • Full Depth Reclamation
  • Hot In-Place Recycling
  • Mill and Overlay
  • Micro-surface

Updated: 10/01/2023