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Contact Us - Mayor's African American Advisory Council

"Proudly Serving the Community since 1981"

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If you have any questions, concerns or issues regarding your community

that you would like MAAAC to help you address, please contact:

City of Tampa MAAAC Liaison

315 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 147C1

Tampa, FL 33602

Email the Mayor's African Advisory Committee

The MAAAC Council Member Application process will be open during the first quarter of 2020

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EMAIL TR Coverson, MAAAC Chair

EMAIL Kimberly Naomi Reid Williams, MAAAC Vice-Chair

EMAIL Arthur Timothy Jones II, MAAAC Secretary

EMAIL Ashleigh Alexandria Rochell Anderson, MAAAC Treasurer

EMAIL Maya Brown; MAAAC Parlimentarian


Arthur Timothy Jones II

Ashleigh Alexandria Rochell Anderson

Benjamin Gainer

Conchita L. Canty-Jones

Kimberly Naomi Reid Williams

Maya Brown

Michelle Rhodes

Pamala McCoy

Rolanda McDuffie

Theresa Jean-Pierre Coy

Tiffany Hubert

Tiffiann Isley

TR Coverson


Email MAAAC Members

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Miray Holmes, City of Tampa MAAAC Liaison

Email City of Tampa MAAAC Liason

Major Calvin Johnson, City of Tampa Police Department MAAAC Liaison

Email City of Tampa Police Department MAAAC Liason

Updated: 04/11/2022