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Learn About eBike Voucher Program Participation as a Bike Shop

*The information provided below is intended for City of Tampa bike shops interested in applying to participate in the eBike Voucher Program ONLY.*
If you are a City of Tampa RESIDENT and would like to learn about and apply for the eBike Voucher program, please visit the "eBike Voucher Program Information for Tampa Residents" page.
How to Apply for Program Participation as a City of Tampa Bike Shop
  1. Sign up for the MANDATORY information session for Bike Shops held virtually on Wednesday December 20th by Friday December 15th 4pm.

  2. Review the Program Information Packet and all information on this website below to ensure that you are able to meet all program requirements.

  3. You will need to print and sign the "Bike Shop Conditions Form." This form will need to be scanned and uploaded as part of your online application.

  4. Apply to participate in the eBike Voucher Program as a Bike Shop using the "2024 eBike Voucher Program Bike Shop Application."

  5. Your application will be reviewed by City of Tampa eBike Voucher Program staff, who will determine if you meet the requirements for program participation. If you meet all requirements for program participation, program staff will reach out to your business to set up a site visit.

  6. After staff evaluates your shop from the site visit, you will receive a notification as to your acceptance or denial for program participation. If accepted, your shop name, address, and website link will be added to the Tampa Resident eBike Voucher Program Page.

Key Program Information

If you are a brick-and-mortar store located within the program's defined boundaries, sell program qualifying eBikes at your physical location, and are capable of providing basic on-site maintenance for the eBike you sell, then your bike shop qualifies for participation in the City of Tampa's eBike Voucher Program.

You can use the Tampa Boundary Map to determine if your business is located within the program boundaries.

You will need the following items to fully complete and submit your application:

The following are the only types of eBikes covered under the City of Tampa eBike Voucher Program:

  • Class I eBikes
    • eBikes that use a battery and electric motor to provide assistance at up to 20 MPH when the rider is pedaling (pedal assist).
  • Class II eBikes
    • eBikes with an electric motor that provides assistance at up to 20 MPH when the rider is pedaling, just like a Class I eBike or, a throttle, which can go up to 20 MPH without the rider pedaling.
  • Class I & Class II eCargo Bikes
    • eBikes with an electric motor provides assistance at up to 20 MPH when the rider is pedaling, or with a throttle, which can go up to 20 MPH without the rider pedaling. These types of eBikes are typically larger in size and have stronger motors and frames for capacity to transport things like other passengers or groceries.
  • Adaptive eBikes
    • eBikes that offer adaptive assistance to individuals with certain needs. Examples include three-wheeled ebikes, pedal modification, bucket seats, etc.


Vouchers awarded as part of this program WILL NOT cover the purchase of any Class III eBike, electric mountain bike, or eBike conversion kit.

NO. The eBike Voucher Program is designed to provide an upfront discount to recipients at the time of purchase to make it easier to obtain this micromobility transit option.

NO. Vouchers will only be created for the bike shop you indicated on the applicant's application.

NO. Vouchers will only be created for the type of voucher you indicated on the application.

Use the checklist below to guide your consultations with our program applicants:

  • Types of program qualifying eBikes that would best fit applicant's intended use. (i.e. Trips to work, taking kids to school, going to the grocery store)
  • Difference between a Class I and Class II eBike.
  • Difference between a Standard and eCargo Bike.
  • How much the program qualifying eBikes at the shop cost and what the potential applicant would be expected to pay out of pocket if a voucher is awarded.
  • Are there any additional charges the voucher recipient should be aware of at your store when they come to redeem their voucher, such as an assembly or maintenance fee?
  • Identification of the correct height and size of eBike for the applicant.
  • Current available stock at your business and your ability to meet the 60 day timeframe of redeeming the voucher.
  • Basic eBike ownership and maintenance expectations.
  • Remind them that it is a program requirement that they MUST purchase a properly fitting helmet when they come in to redeem a voucher.

If the applicant finds the eBike they would like to purchase through this program, they must obtain a signed quote from the bike shop that indicates:

  • The full cost of the eBike
  • Any additional fees that your shop charges (maintenance or assembly fees, etc.)
  • The cost of the helmet the applicant will be required to purchase at the time of voucher redemption.

eBike Voucher Program Vouchers

Applicants can apply for one of three (3) different types of vouchers as part of the eBike voucher program Standard Vouchers and two types of Income-Qualified Vouchers that have differing household income requirements:

  • Standard Vouchers valued at $1,000
    • Any applicant meeting the basic application requirements may apply for this type of voucher.
    • This voucher may be redeemed for any Class I, Class II, or eCargo Bike.
  • Low Income-Qualified Vouchers valued at $2,000
    • Residents in households making 80% or less of the Federal Median Household Income.
    • This voucher may be redeemed for any Class I, Class II, or eCargo Bike.
  • Very Low Income-Qualified Vouchers valued at $3,000,
    • Residents of households making 50% or less of the Federal Median Household Income.
    • This voucher may be redeemed for any Class I, Class II, or eCargo Bike.

Redeeming Vouchers

Applicants selected through the lottery process will receive an email with their voucher to the email listed on the application. A copy of the applicant's voucher will also be emailed to the participating bike shop the applicant selected on their application.

Voucher recipients will have sixty (60) days from the date of issuance to redeem the voucher. Voucher expiration dates are listed on the voucher.

To redeem a voucher, the applicant must bring the emailed approved voucher, and valid ID to the indicated bike shop. The bike shop will then verify the information on the voucher using the emailed copy received from the City program representative. Once verified, the bike shop will scan the applicants ID, then apply the full value of the voucher toward the purchase of the eBike. Any value of the voucher not redeemed shall be forfeited.

Within seven (7) days of the in-store voucher redemption, the bike shop will provide the following to the City representative:

  • An invoice of the bike sold using the eBike Program Voucher
  • The voucher number redeemed
  • A scan or photograph of the applicant's photo ID used to verify identification at the time of sale.

Apply for the eBike Voucher Program as a Bike Shop

If you have read through all of the above program information, please press the button below to be taken to the eBike Voucher Program Application.

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