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Officer Wellness and Fitness

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VALOR Officer Safety App

The VALOR Officer Safety APP promotes mental and physical preparation for officers. Available via Apple App Store or Google Play


Bulletproof offers anonymous and confidential access to health and wellness initiatives, support, information, and resources. Their 24-hour confidential support line can be reached at (800) 273-8255.

Franciscan Center First Responder Retreat

The First Responders Post Trauma Training creates a safe, confidential environment for individuals to work through their most critical incidents and process the cumulative stress of risking their lives throughout their careers.

1st Help

1st Help offers quick access to resources based on a range of topics, including mental health for LE. Officers go to the website, answer a few questions, then access a database of information. Additionally, they will ship free resource cards to any individual or department that would like to hand them out. 


Copline offers 24/7 trained peer support and referrals for continued assistance. Their 24-hour confidential support line is 800-COPLINE (800-267-5463).

Safe Call Now

Safe Call now is a confidential 24-hour crisis referral service for public safety and emergency services personnel. Their 24-hr confidential support line is (206) 459-3020.

Armor Up

Armor Up is connected to the Safe Call Now 24-hour hotline, and also offers prevention, training, and education related to trauma.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Lifeline provides 24-hour, free, confidential support for people in distress. To access it, call 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255).


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If you have suggestions or ideas that you would like to share with the Officer Wellness team, please email Officer-Wellness@tampagov.net.

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Voluntary Wellness Physicals for Sworn Employees


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Health Tips


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Link to Inside Police Psychology

Gary S. Aumiller, Ph.D.  ABPP is renowned for his expertise in the field of psychology, particularly as it pertains to police officers. Dr. Aumiller provides probative and pertinent monthly articles focused on officer mental health, awareness, and safety. 


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Link to Safe Call Now

Law enforcement takes an emotional toll on members of our honorable profession. We are human beings who are put into some unthinkable situations performing a frustrating duty for a demanding public. The downside of our career brings out many emotional and mental issues in our co-workers and peers. Many first responders face similar personal issues and problems as the public we serve. Safe Call Now works collectively with a variety of unions, elected officials, public safety groups and various mental health and substance abuse professionals from around the nation. This is a 24-hour crisis referral service for public safety employees that is CONFIDENTIAL.


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Link to COPLine

COPLine is the first national law enforcement officers hotline in the country that is manned by retired law enforcement officers. Retired law enforcement officers are trained in active listening and bring the knowledge and understanding of the many psychosocial stressors that officers go through both and off the job. Active officers and or their families can call 24 hours and day 7 days a week and be assured that there is a trained retired officer on the other end of the line whether the caller is calling while on the duty or off. The line is strictly confidential and there is no fear of punitive repercussions from making the call.


Updated: 10/01/2023