Committee Members

We are truly a "grassroots", hard-working Committee, and there continues to be so much that we would like to do, and so many lives that we would like to touch. With the support of our sponsors we can meet this challenge.


  • Julio Barrera, Chair
  • Melisa Martinez, Co-Chair
  • Alicia Ortiz, Treasurer
  • Giovana Mancito, Secretary


  • Jose Canales
  • Naomi Candelaria
  • Luz Combe
  • Michelle Estevez
  • Duane Estilete
  • Dagna Garcia
  • David Gonzalez
  • Mariela Gomez
  • Carmen Marcano
  • Leta Perez
  • Lydia Pizarro
  • Marco Poblete
  • Cindy Toselli
  • David ZeledonDArce

Updated: 05/12/2021