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Internal Audit Letter from the Director

Dear Citizens and Friends:  

Welcome to the Web Site of the City of Tampa's Internal Audit Department.

This site reflects our commitment to communicate with the citizens of Tampa as well as with internal auditing practitioners around the world. We will provide on-line users with current information on our accomplishments, sources of industry literature that guide our day-to-day operations and a way for you to communicate with us.

The Internal Audit Director is appointed by and reports directly to the Mayor. Internal auditing is a method of self-appraisal. It is our mission "to provide an independent appraisal function within the City." To accomplish this, the City's operations are divided into audits based on our assessment of the risks involved with those operations. Next, an annual audit plan is developed to schedule a time frame for the audits. In addition to our coverage of the City's departments, audit hours are also made available for special assignments that may be requested by the Mayor and the City Council.

I hope you find this information useful and interesting. If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the City's operations, please contact me using the City of Tampa Customer Service Center.


Christine Glover
Internal Audit Director