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Interbay Boulevard / Tanker Way Intersection [Dual Right Turn Lane Widening] Project

The City of Tampa proposed roadway improvements at Interbay Blvd., between Manhattan Avenue and Tanker Way. These improvements will provide an additional right-turn lane on Interbay Blvd. and realign the existing roadway between Manhattan Avenue and Tanker Way. The improvements will help the vehicles traveling in an east direction by reducing their delay and for vehicles entering into MacDill AFB with the additional storage.
At present single, R-turn lane at Interbay Blvd. between Manhattan Ave & Tanker Way, eastbound traffic, gets blocked due to limited storage capacity i.e. with single R-turn lane at Interbay Blvd. The vehicles entering MacDill AFB have to wait at a checkpoint, so, single Right turn lane is not enough for storage for vehicles entering into the Base. The proposed second right turn lane will provide additional storage and help to the vehicles going through on Interbay Blvd.
The proposed improvements include additional roadway construction, i.e., Right turn lane construction at Interbay Blvd. with the necessary drainage improvement, utility relocation, and the construction of curb & gutter. Additional right-of-way will be needed at the south of Interbay Blvd., which will be from City and/or MacDill AFB.

Project Fact Sheet 

Updated: 03/16/2022