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Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Committee (EBOAC)

Sixteen (16) Members – 9 Mayoral appointments; 7 Council appointments – Terms for initial appointments are staggered for continuity--all future appointments are for 2 years (24 months).  Appointments should represent a cross-section of contractors, service providers, and stakeholder organizations as well as ethnicity and gender.


Machelle Maner, Wells Fargo                                          

Yanina Rosario, Florida SBDC @ USF Small Business Center

Ernest Coney, Jr., CDC of Tampa

Rosie Paulsen, Rosie Paulsen Enterprises

Janet Langham-Bishop, BST

Topher Morrison, TCI

Juan Davis, Fast Lane Clothing

Nicol Winkler, Polycreative

Ajay Malshe, HWH Law

Walinda McKnight-Green, Coventry WC Services

Justice Gennari, Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Ralph Smith, Computer Mentors

City EBO Representatives:

Gregory Hart, EBO Manager

Joshua Hall, Lead Management Analyst

Leta Perez, Business Support Specialist

Mission Statement:

To serve as a citizen advisory committee to

  • Promote the participation and use of SLBE (Small Local Business Enterprises) and, when authorized by law, WMBE (Women & Minority Business Enterprises) businesses in City contracting and procurement
  • Relay concerns of minority contractors, women contractors, non-minority contractors and citizens at large to the City about the operation of the Women/Minority and Small Business program.


  • Serve as facilitator for minority, women and small businesses available for participation in the City’s procurement process where goals are established.
  • Communicate with WMBEs and SLBEs about procurement opportunities.
  • Advise MBD and Administration regarding issues/concerns that affect WMBEs and SLBEs in contracting and procurement opportunities
  • Review all reports provided to City Council and include a statement within the Manager’s semi-annual report.
  • EBOAC Committee shall meet at least quarterly.

 EBOAC Meeting Schedule (FY21):

4/20/2021 – EBOAC Meeting

2/16/2021 – EBOAC Meeting

12/15/2020 – EBOAC Meeting

10/20/2020 – EBOAC Meeting

Meeting Minutes (FY21)

2/16/2021 – EBOAC (Available at Office of EBO)

12/15/2020 – EBOAC (Available at Office of EBO)

10/20/2020 – EBOAC Meeting (Available at Office of EBO)

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