Centro Ybor Garage

Disabled Parking

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The City of Tampa Parking Division makes every effort to comply with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. As a result of the periodic changes being made to disabled parking regulations, the Parking Division elects to remain current with the changes by attending the International Parking Institute Conference and Trade Show held throughout a number of major US cities on an annual basis. Additionally, the Parking Division maintains an active membership status with the Florida Parking Association.

Disabled Parking at time-restricted, on-street meter spaces 

Florida State Statute 316.1964 (5) states when an on-street parking meter restricts the duration of time that a vehicle may be parked, a vehicle properly displaying a disabled parking permit is allowed a maximum of four (4) hours at no charge. The disabled patron DOES NOT need to activate a parking session at an on-street pay station or thorough a mobile app to receive the free four (4) hours.


Disabled Parking in Historic Ybor

The disabled patron must display his/her disabled placard or have a disabled license plate to park in these spaces. In an effort to accommodate the increased need for disabled parking in the Ybor historic district, the Parking Division allows a disabled patron to park free of charge (up to four hours) when parking at any of the three (3) City-owned and operated metered surface lots. (Ybor Lots 3, 5 & 6). The disabled patron may park in a disabled or regular parking space in these lots and must display his/her disabled placard or have a disabled license plate. No interaction with the pay station, or mobile app is necessary. Additionally, the Ybor City Development Corporation and the Parking Division continue to explore more opportunities for additional on-street disabled parking locations.


Disabled Parking Off-Street

As the Parking Division continues to improve the appearance and physical conditions of the City-owned and operated parking facilities, we are focusing on the disabled parking environment within each facility. The guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act state that one in every four spaces, but not less than one, must be designated as van accessible. Additionally, the vertical clearance of each garage must be equivalent to 114 inches (9.5 feet). Unfortunately, several of the older designed garages only offer a 6' 8" clearance. In such cases, we are unable to offer van-accessible spaces and therefore must offer an equivalent solution in a nearby surface lot or on-street space. Please be advised that the following garages do offer an appropriate height for van-accessible parking spaces: Pam Iorio Parking Garage, William F. Poe Garage, and the Fernando Noriega Jr./Palm Avenue Garage. If a driver with a disability requires assistance or meets the following qualifications:

  • A vehicle with specialized equipment, such as ramps, lifts, or foots or hand controls for use by a person who has a disability,
  • A vehicle displaying a license plate for disabled veterans issued under s. 320.084, s. 320.0842, or s. 320.0845, or
  • A vehicle displaying the Florida Toll Exemption permit,

a call button and phone number are available at each garage location. Call buttons are located on each Central Pay Station device and on each ExpressParc Exit Station device.

For information regarding disabled parking regulations, please see Florida State Statutes 316.1955 and 316.1964

Please contact the County tax collector's office to obtain a disabled placard or tag.