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Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

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The Parking Division is committed to providing safe and convenient parking options to all parking patrons regardless of the licensed vehicle type. In 2010, the Parking Division took the initiative to design and create a number of designated on-street parking spaces specifically set aside for motorcycles and licensed scooters. Conveniently located, the designated spaces are striped and signed as motorcycle and scooter parking only. 

Gated parking garages restricting motorcycle and scooter access

All City of Tampa parking garages are regulated with the use of gated access equipment at the entrances and exits of each facility. The activation of the entry/exit gates require the use of a magnetic loop sensor embedded in the entry/exit lane. This loop sensor must detect a substantial amount of metal for the equipment to recognize a vehicle and allow access. Due to the fact not all motorcycles and licensed scooters contain a substantial amount of metal composite, the equipment manufacture does not recommend allowable access of such vehicles as the equipment may not reliably sense these types of two-wheeled vehicles. The Parking Division recognizes the manufacturer's limited liability statement and has signed the entrances to all garages with the use of additional warning signs.

Motorcycle and licensed scooter permit parking

Under a few unique circumstances, the Parking Division has been able to create and design designated permit parking areas for motorcycles and scooters within a few of the parking garages. Using a separate entry/exit route not regulated by the gated access equipment, the Division has successfully implemented an area for covered permit parking. These areas are monitored daily by staff and require the motorcyclist to pay a monthly fee and provide their license plate, make and model for the garage staff to keep on file.

The following parking garages currently offer covered motorcycle permit parking:

William F. Poe Garage
802 North Ashley Drive

Fort Brooke Garage
107 North Franklin Street

Pam Iorio Parking Garage (Morgan St Entrance Only)
301 Channelside Drive

For additional information on motorcycle and licensed scooter parking options, please contact the Parking Division Administrative Offices at (813) 274-8179.