Manhattan Ave (Richardson Ave to Interbay Blvd)

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This project provides for the design of roadway construction plans for an existing unimproved right of way to provide an alternative north-south traffic circulation route for the Port Tampa Area.

The project extends along S Manhattan Avenue approximately 1500 feet south of the intersection connecting to the developer project which extends to Richardson Ave.

The 0.5-mile segment of S Manhattan Ave from north of Richardson Ave to Interbay Blvd is a 2-lane local, residential roadway with a posted speed of 20 mph and is adjacent to MacDill Air Force Base. S Manhattan Ave is a north-south roadway running parallel to West Shore Blvd and provides an alternate north-south traffic circulation route for the Port Tampa area. This project includes many benefits to the community such as:

• roadway resurfacing to improve the resiliency of the neighborhood access to Interbay Blvd
• construction of a new sidewalk along the east side of S Manhattan Ave
• installation of a mid-block crosswalk located near Richardson Ave
• construction of a new southbound left-turn lane and an eastbound left-turn at the intersection of Interbay Blvd and S Manhattan Ave

The project was awarded a 2020 Defense Infrastructure Grant (DIG) in the amount of $340,000.

Community Benefits

Congestion Mitigation

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Robert Hatton, P. E.
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Multi Year Project
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Schedule and Costs

Project Phase
Current Phase: Closeout
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Transportation Impact Fees
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Budget Year
Phase Firm Cost Funding Source Scheduled Start Scheduled Finish
Preliminary Engineering Wade Trim $29,740 City FY 2016 FY 2017
Final Design Dala Engineering $150,000 City FY 2020 FY 2022
Public Meeting - Tuesday, May 10th, 2022
Public Meeting - Wednesday, May 11th, 2023
How to get involved:
  1. Virtual Public Meeting Presentation (Tuesday, May 10th)
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  2. Virtual Public Meeting Presentation  (Wednesday, May 11th)
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