iSupplier Registration

Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa and the Clerk of Circuit Court are installing a new Oracle Enterprise computer system that will be used for all Board of County Commissioners, City and Clerk procurement activities. The first module that the agencies are implementing externally to vendors/suppliers is called "iSupplier." Your company must be registered in iSupplier so you can view the status of any purchase order(s) issued to you, as well as view the status of receipts, invoices and payments. Further, you may also view a history of purchase order activity for your business. Later this year, you will use iSupplier to receive Requests for Quotes and Requests for Proposals and, also, to submit online bids.

Currently, suppliers doing business with the agencies are being contacted via US Mail to initiate the iSupplier Registration process for their company. In the near future, new vendors will be allowed to request iSupplier Registration via a link on this webpage.

Current suppliers who have already requested to be set up and received an approval notice from the iSupplier Administrator may access the iSupplier Log-in

You can also review the iSupplier User Training (PDF) to answer questions on how to use the system.

If you have any questions or experience issues during the registration process or accessing ISupplier please contact the City's Purchasing Department via Email or call (813) 274-8351.