Permit Fees

Construction Services Division Permit Fees
Activity Cost
Commercial / Miscellaneous / Canopy (freestanding or attached) permit application fee $50.00
40% - due at Application Acceptance $278.98
60% - due at Permit Issuance $418.47
Fire Marshal’s Office Permit Fees
Activity Cost
Temporary Assembly Permit (Live music series, parade, walkathon, Haunted house, etc.) $ 70.00
Exhibition (Convention Center, Hotel/Motel) $70
Tent (Anything 900 sq. feet or higher) $60 for the first tent
$40 for any additional tents
Tents (if cooking under any size) $60 for the first tent
$40 for any additional tents
Retail Sale Sparklers $100
Retail Sales Sparklers/Wholesale Fireworks (In a Building) $300
Retail Sale Sparklers & Wholesale Fireworks (In a Tent) $360
Open Flame Candles/Event $70 (may require fire watch/3 hr. min)
Open Burn (Bonfires, Campfires, Open Burning) $70 (may require fire watch/3 hr. min)
Indoor / Outdoor Pyrotechnics $200 (will require fire watch/4 hr. min)
Blasting Permit $150
Parade Blank Firing of Weapons Done at TPD
Fire Watch Rate
  • $38.27 per hour with a 3-hour minimum. Indoor or outdoor pyrotechnics have a 4-hour minimum and requires 2 persons
  • The holiday fire watch rate is $57.41 per hour with minimum hours required
  • Emergency Fire Watch (no notice-emergencies) rate is $57.41 per hour
  • Fire Watch is billed post-event for accuracy
Right of Way Management Section Permit Fees
Activity Cost
Application Fee $50.00
Sidewalk closure for (maintenance, replacement, or safety issues) $50.00 per sidewalk
Lane Closure Fee (Roadway not an arterial or collector) $0
Lane Closure Fee (For arterial or collector) $150.00 per lane
Queuing Lines $150.00
Non-Motorized Vehicles (First Permit) $300
Non-Motorized Vehicles (Additional Permit) $100.00
Banners $5.00 per banner
Temporary Structure in ROW (Dumpster, Trailer, PODS, podium(s), sign(s), tent(s), port-o-let(s), etc) $100.00 per structure
Special Event Parking Lot $300.00
Permit Extension $50.00
Zoning Department Permit Fees
Activity Cost
Temporary Special Event $55.50
Temporary Alcohol Permit
(if submitted less than five days prior to the event $83.00)
Both Applications
(additional fees will apply if not submitted in a timely manner)
Food Vendor Permit $27.50