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Meet the CSD Leadership Team


City Center at Hanna
2555 E Hanna Ave
Tampa, FL 33610

813-274-3100, Option 1
813-259-1712 fax

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Construction services organizational chart


Customer Service Center links

It is important to us that you are able to reach the appropriate area to answer your specific questions regarding construction information. We have recently changed our phone system to assist you in reaching the person or department you need. To assist you with this, we have provided links below for you to print and keep with you for future reference.

Contact Us by Person


Abbye Feeley
Deputy Administrator for Development & Economic Opportunity
(813) 274-8577

Plan Review Services

Kathy Asony
Lead Plan Reviewer
(813) 274-3114

Andre Mesa
Lead Plan Reviewer
(813) 274-3195

Inspections & Professional Code Services

David Morgan
Construction Inspections Supervisor
(813) 274-3188

Joel Perdomo
Construction Inspections Supervisor
(813) 274-3127

Ron Cherchio
Construction Inspections Supervisor
(813) 274-7902

Ronald Lewis
Construction Inspections Supervisor
(813) 493-2808

Inspector Contact Information

Construction Activity Compliance Team

Delina (Dee) Rand
Client Facilitator I
(813) 274-7701

Compliance Team Contact Information

Client Permit Services (Permit Intake)

Doug Phan
Client Facilitator Lead
(813) 307-3960
Client Facilitator Contact Information

Large-Scale Projects

Zulema Rodriguez
Client Facilitator I
(813) 307-5559

Natural Resources

Mary Danielewicz-Bryson
Senior Forester Examiner
(813) 274-7511

Construction Services Hotlines

  • Complaint Hotline (813) 274-3198: This hotline allows citizens to report construction being done without a permit or work that is not following building code protocol within the Tampa city limits.

  • Tree Hotline (813) 258-8733: This hotline allows citizens to report the unpermitted removal of trees within the Tampa city limits.

  • Unlicensed Contractor Hotline (813) 276-3657 or (813) 276-3638: These hotlines allow citizens to report unlicensed contractor activity within the Tampa city limits directly to the Criminal Intelligence Bureau of the Tampa Police Department.

Other Useful Numbers

Natural Resources:  Tree Permits, Wetland Setbacks, Upland Habitat plans/reviews
(813) 274-3100, Option 4

Historic District Design Review Applications: Barrio Latino Commission, Architectural Review Commission
(813) 274-3100, Option 3

Address Assignment
(813) 274-3100, Option 2

Subdivision/Platting, Development of Regional Impact (DRI)
(813) 274-3100, Option 2

Zoning Applications: Variance Review Board, Rezoning, Special Use Permits, Alcoholic Beverage Permits
(813) 274-3100, Option 2

Right-of-Way Permits
(813) 274-3104

Traffic Capacity Information
(813) 274-8333

Contractor Licensing (administered by Hillsborough County)
(813) 272-5600

Updated: 04/03/2024