Site Maps

The site map is a visual representation of all the operational event elements that you describe throughout the permit application.   To properly assess the event, the site map must be submitted along with the Special Event Application and include the following elements:

  1. North, indicated by a directional arrow symbol.
  2. Name of the area (Neighborhood, Park, etc.) you intend to use including surrounding streets with one-way streets indicated.
  3. The overall event area includes any requested street closures, plus the location and number of meters or parking spaces to be reserved highlighted.
  4. The location and dimensions of all physical equipment being placed, including, but not limited to, any stage(s), vendors, booths, sponsors, tents, signs, barricades, portable toilets, vehicles, shelters, and shelter numbers, fireworks shoot site, etc.
  5. Location of temporary alcohol sales where both sales and consumption occur, plus dimensions and type of fencing to be used.
  6. Indicate 20? wide fire lane clearances in all areas and the location of all fire hydrants.
  7. Include electrical plans for vendors and stages, specifying how much each site requires, in terms of amps and volts.
  8. Any other details you think are helpful in the physical description of your event.

We have provided base maps of our special event parks for your use as well as approved 5K routes.


5k Routes