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In-Door/ Outdoor Pyrotechnics Display Permits

The use of pyrotechnics of any type shall require a special use permit from the Fire Marshal’s office. The following information/documents must be submitted each time that a permit is requested.

  • A completed application from the Fire Marshal’s office.
  • An insurance certificate on the Accord forms with the appropriate coverage and includes the statement, “The City of Tampa is named as an Additional Insure as respect to the General Liability insurance coverages as required by written contract”.
  • A copy of your company’s license to store, transport, and shoot. ATF license may list this information.
  • Name of the lead tech/operator in charge of this event including a contact number.
  • A copy of the lead operator’s pyrotechnics certification/license. It can be from any state in the U.S.
  • Certification/license must be applicable to the event – NFPA 1123, 1126, 160, or a combination thereof.
  • A copy of the operator’s driver's license and a current resume.
  • A list of all assistants and a current picture ID.
  • A stage/site plan showing product placement and extinguisher(s) placement. Height limits for indoor displays, contact the fire watch coordinator for additional information.
  • Product list: type, quantity, manufacturer, and MSDS for each product.
  • Flame retardant certs for drapes or props to be used in the show.
  • Sparkular Units are to be used only under the direction of the lead operator. Contact the fire watch coordinator for additional requirements.
  • If shooting indoors a demo will be required day of the show.
  • If loading on a barge, provide the location (address) and approximate time you will be ready for inspection. Inspection must occur prior to leaving the dock.
  • You will need to contact the US Coast Guard and TPD Marine Division if shooting on or near the water. Depending on what you are shooting, you may also need to contact the FAA.
  • If the loading site for the barge is outside Tampa Fire Jurisdiction, a minimum 3 hr. overtime fee will be charged for the inspector to travel to the site. Barges cannot be loaded in a public place, boat ramp, park, etc.
  • Fire watch will be required. Minimum 2 inspectors for outdoor and 1 inspector for indoor displays with a 4 hr. minimum for each inspector.