Permit Contacts

Construction Services Division

Contact Title Phone Email
Stevee Barger Client Facilitator (813) 274-3124 [email protected]
Kathy Asony Lead Plan Reviewer (813) 274-3114 [email protected]
Melisa Martinez Development Services Coordinator (813) 274-3193 [email protected]

Fire Marshal's Office

Contact Title Phone Email
Gabrielle Williams Permit Coordinator (813) 274-7003 [email protected]
Scott Acker Fire Watch Coordinator (813) 310-0737 [email protected]
William Mann Supervisor Existing Inspectors (813) 310-0260 [email protected]
Michael Zurla Supervisor Investigators (813) 310-4758 [email protected]
Jay Traina Supervisor New Construction Inspectors (813) 294-1854 [email protected]
John Reed Fire Marshal (813) 274-7134 [email protected]

Office of Special Events

Contact Title Phone Email
Tony Mulkey Special Events Superintendent (813) 274-7723 [email protected]

Right of Way Management Section Contact Information

Contact Title Phone Email
Nathalie Halsall Planning Permit Tech 1 (813) 274-3106 [email protected]
Patrick Cates Planning Permit Tech 1 (813) 274-7482 [email protected]
Debbie Herrington Transp. Prof. Engineer (813) 274-8330 [email protected]

Zoning Department Contact Information

Contact Title Phone Email
Brett Burks Urban Planner I (813) 274-5167 [email protected]
Eric Cotton Zoning Supervisor (813) 274-7510 [email protected]