Valet Operator

Create a Planning – Right of Way permit application in Accela

  • Enter detail work description of the staging area(s) and the proposed route
  • Upload to the permit record for review:
    • Complete a Valet application
    • Detailed staging/storage/travel and parking diagram
    • Circulation plan must include travel times to & from storage lot & address for each storage lot including the number of authorized parking spaces in each lot
    • Hold Harmless, Maintenance and Indemnification Agreement
    • Reserved on Street Parking Spaces - Submit copy of receipt from Parking and parking spaces/meter numbers must be included in the application description
    • Authorization letter on letterhead from property owner of the parking garage/lot with address of the garage/lot giving permission for the valet company to utilize a certain number of spaces.
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Drawings / Photograph of signage and stand
    • Sample valet tag
    • Copy of Business tax receipt