Mayor's Alliance for Persons with Disabilities

Mayor's Alliance For Persons With Disabilities

The Mayor's Alliance for Persons with Disabilities, under the auspices of the City of Tampa Mayor's Office, serves as an advisory/advocacy group in order to represent the interests of persons with disabilities in obtaining an independent and fulfilling life.

Organized by the Mayor's Office in September 1986, the City of Tampa was the first Florida city to establish a Mayor's Alliance. Since, more than 300 persons from businesses, government, and the private sector have volunteered to forge the Mayor's Alliance. Through the years, they have played an active part in different activities and issues that impact the disabled community. In addition, they coordinate and host the Mayor's Alliance for Persons with Disabilities Awards luncheon. 

Monthly meetings (excluding July and December) take place on the second Tuesday from 1:30-3:30 pm at Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind, 1106 W Platt St, Tampa, FL 33606.                

Additional information is provided in the links below, or you may call (813) 307-5595.

Accessible Tampa - Home Page, Guide and Newsletters

Events' Videos

Disability Etiquette

Resources for Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Board of Directors

Ben Ritter - Chairperson - (813) 205-5506

Brenda ClarkTreasurer -  (813) 974-2581

Raquel PanchoADA Coordinator - (813) 274-3964

Updated: 05/07/2020