Public And Education Access

Public Access Television is dedicated to programming produced by residents of the City of Tampa. This is the "People's Channel"; any City of Tampa resident can get training in the basics of video production through the Tampa Bay Community Network and produce video programs. Programming on this channel cannot be censored, upholding the First Amendment rights of all residents. Public Access Television invites ideas and opinions, different from the mainstream, to be heard. The City of Tampa requested that Public Access Television be part of the franchise agreement with Bright House Networks as per the Cable Act of 1984. Public Access is telecast on Bright House Networks and Frontier cable systems within the City of Tampa.

For more information call (813) 977-5200, or
visit their Website at

 Educational Access Television is programmed by the Tampa Educational Cable Consortium (TECC), a non-profit organization that oversees the programming and operations of the local educational access channels on the cable systems serving Hillsborough County, Florida. The Consortium is a cooperative of the major educational and cultural institutions in the county, including public and private colleges and universities, the county school district and museums. Programming on these channels runs the gamut from Hillsborough County School Board meetings to "Math Homework Hotline" and live NASA programming.

The Education Channel can be viewed in Hillsborough County, Florida on Bright House Networks. In Hillsborough County the Education Channel is available on Bright House Networks channel 635, Adelphia Cable channel 18 and Frontier channel 32. 

For more information call (813) 254-2253.