Firefighters battling car fire

About Us - Fire Rescue Public Education

The Public Education Office provides a life long educational process involving injury prevention issues. Our Community based educational program provides residents with valuable information that can and could save their lives.

The Public Education Office is responsible for scheduling fire equipment at educational events that occur in our city. We provide equipment for displays throughout the City of Tampa. The Public Education Team also provides educational programs for any and all groups that request information relating to our services. We schedule events a month in advance, so be sure to call in advance to ensure availability from our organization.

The Public Education Office is located at 702 E. Zack Street. To reach a member of the Public Education Team or to schedule a program for your organization or school, please call Patti Dempsey at (813) 274-8241.  The fax number for the Public Education Office is  (813) 274-8242.

These are the programs provided by our office:

  • Educational Services
  • Home Fire Safety
  • Fire Setter Intervention
  • Baby Sitting Safety
  • Kitchen Fire Safety
  • Career Day Opportunities
  • Elderly Falls Education
  • High Rise Education
  • Fire Drills
  • Poison Intervention
  • Extinguisher Training
  • Business Fire Safety
  • New Mother Smoke Detector Program