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Resilient Tampa

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“I am so pleased to release Resilient Tampa: a groundbreaking roadmap that will make our city stronger in the face of our current and future challenges. This document is the culmination of almost 2 years of collaborative effort launched through Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow (T3). When I took office in May 2019, one of my first actions was to launch T3: a comprehensive strategy to identify solutions across five priority areas for our city. With Resilient Tampa, we are releasing a set of recommendations that brings a critical resilience lens to previous advisory recommendations.” - Mayor Jane Castor

We are at a critical moment in our city’s history. Tampa is emerging from a year of challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, extraordinary growth, impacts of a changing climate, and long-standing economic and social inequities. Resilient Tampa is an opportunity to come together, harnessing our collective strengths in order to address these challenges and reach our full potential.


Through Resilient Tampa, the City, under Mayor Jane Castor’s leadership, has set forth an ambitious but achievable plan for building resilience by addressing our city’s most urgent shocks and stresses in an integrated way. This tactical roadmap is organized around aspirational visions and goals for our city’s future that span every scale, from individual Tampanians, to neighborhoods, to infrastructure systems, to the city as a whole. To achieve these visions and goals, the chapters of this roadmap specify actions that achieve multiple benefits -- addressing multiple shocks and stresses at once and thereby maximizing limited resources.

Plan Organization

Resilient Tampa includes 4 chapters, 13 goals, and 58 actions for Tampanians, neighborhoods, the City, and our partners to implement.


The 4 chapters are organized around key themes at different scales. By creating a roadmap that recognizes roles across various scales of people, neighborhoods, infrastructure, and city governance we ensure our collective work is impactful and connected.

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We envision a city where all Tampanians, new and lifelong residents alike, and at all stages of their lives, benefit from our continued economic growth. We will pursue public-private partnerships to train Tampanians from all backgrounds and education levels for quality jobs. We will expand upon efforts deployed throughout the pandemic to make sure that Tampanians struggling to meet critical needs -- including seniors and veterans -- are supported.

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We envision a Tampa that is built on the diversity and strength of every neighborhood. Understanding our city from the point of view of neighborhoods, its foundation, will allow us to promote safe, prepared, and economically accessible spaces for our residents.

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We’re building a city that is prepared for a changing climate. We will reduce our climate impacts while strengthening our city’s existing and future infrastructure so that regardless of what climate-driven shocks and stresses come our way, we will be ready to bounce back.

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We envision a Tampa that becomes more resilient as it grows. We envision a city that grows in inclusivity and effectiveness, and that works for all Tampanians regardless of their race, age, ethnicity, or background. To make resilience-building a permanent capacity within our governing systems, we will take an innovative and systematic approach. We will harness continued economic growth to promote equity, fostering an economy that generates prosperity for hard-working Tampanians of all backgrounds.

"Now, the hard work begins: it is up to us all to roll up our sleeves and continue working together to make Resilient Tampa a reality. Through our continued partnership, we can make our city stronger, so that all Tampanians are prepared and thrive no matter what future challenges come our way."

Whit Remer: Sustainability and Resilience Officer

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Updated: 10/01/2023