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East Tampa's "The Open Cafe" Re-Opens their Doors!

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East Tampa's "The Open Cafe" Re-Opens their Doors after Major Renovation!

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WHO: Tampa CRA, CRA Board Members, and St. John Cathedral and Noah Community Outreach
WHAT: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Grand Re-opening
DATE: October 8th, 2023
TIME: 12:00 PM
LOCATION: 3222 N. 34th St. Tampa Fl, 33605

The Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency has partnered with St. John Cathedral and Noah Community Outreach to provide grant funding for much needed renovations for "The Open Cafe." The re-opening ribbon cutting will take place on October 8th, at 12pm.

The Open Cafe, located at 3222 North 34th St., is a beloved community hub in East Tampa, offering a welcoming space for residents to gather and enjoy delicious food. The Restaurant and Food Services grant, amounting to $68,750.00, for significant renovations is part of the CRA's ongoing commitment to support and revitalize businesses in the East Tampa community. Noah Community Outreach, Inc. has a steadfast commitment to providing returning citizens with meaningful employment opportunities through their The Open Cafe restaurant. Recognizing the challenges that individuals with past convictions face in securing employment, Noah Community Outreach, Inc. has made it a priority to offer these individuals a fresh start. Through their work at The Open Cafe, they receive a second chance to earn a living, learn valuable skills, build confidence, and contribute positively to their community. This initiative is a testament to Noah Community Outreach, Inc.'s dedication to inclusivity, community development, and social justice.
"The Tampa CRA is committed to supporting local businesses that are the heart and soul of our communities," said CRA Board Chair, Gwendolyn Henderson. "The Open Cafe is a perfect example of a community-focused business that brings people together. We are thrilled to support their efforts to improve and expand their services."
"We are incredibly grateful for this grant," said a representative from The Open Cafe. "These funds allowed us to make necessary improvements to our cafe, ensuring we can continue to serve our community in the best way possible."

The Tampa CRA is dedicated to the revitalization of the East Tampa community, and this grant is a testament to their commitment. By supporting local businesses like The Open Cafe, the CRA is helping to foster a vibrant and thriving community in East Tampa. 

The Restaurant and Food Services Grant is designed to assist businesses in the East Tampa area with funding for renovations and improvements. The goal of the grant program is to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and enhance the quality of life for East Tampa residents.
For more information about the Tampa CRA and its grant programs, please visit our website at www.tampa.gov/cras or contact our office at 813-274-8325.

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