Mayor Castor’s Advisory Teams

Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow Advisory Teams

The Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow Advisory Teams are designed to focus on key issues facing our city, and find smart solutions that will improve the quality of life for our community. The main goal of the teams is to create and carry out a visionary plan for our city’s future.

Established by Mayor Jane Castor, each team will focus on a different priority:
These 5 advisory teams consist of city staff, community leaders, and subject matter experts that will advise Mayor Jane Castor on how we can tackle our community’s most critical needs.


Transportation has long been a top priority for the City of Tampa. The Transportation Advisory Team will examine how we can meet the transportation needs of our growing city. This includes finding ways to minimize traffic congestion, bring smart and accessible transit solutions to Tampa, and efficiently allocate All for Transportation dollars once they are available.

Development Services

The Development Services Advisory Team’s main objective is to find ways to streamline the permitting process with the City. This will eliminate unnecessary red tape to make it easier for residents and building contractors to complete projects and do business within city limits.

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Advisory Team is dedicated to fostering a strong and talented workforce in Tampa. This includes supporting programs that increase school attendance and graduation rates, define pathways through higher education and technical certification programs, and promote career readiness. This advisory team will also identify workforce incentives, champion local businesses, and remove the barrier to access. Overall, the goal of this advisory team is to foster a healthy workforce in Tampa and make it easier for professionals to find career opportunities across industries.

Housing Affordability

The Housing Affordability Advisory Team is dedicated to securing housing Tampa can afford. This team will focus on the residential needs of our growing city, to ensure affordable housing options remain available for our citizens. This includes developing mortgage and down payment assistance programs, securing state and federal grants, and identifying the needs of our neighborhoods.

Sustainability and Resilience

The Sustainability and Resilience Advisory team is committed to finding ways to build a stronger, greener, and more resilient city. This includes identifying green energy solutions that will minimize our ecological footprint and environmental impact. But it also includes other ways we can build a stronger city as a whole. This advisory team will work with all departments to ensure we are implementing sustainable practices that can be scaled as the city grows. This will allow us to meet the needs of our growing city while supporting the critical services that are essential to daily life.


As part of Mayor Jane Castor’s mission for Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow, she has worked with the Tampa City Council to assemble a group of subject matter experts, key stakeholders, and community leaders to participate in an Economic Advisory Team.

Economic Advisory Team

In partnership with USF, the Economic Advisory Team is charged with identifying key metrics, indicators and a set of recommendations concerning matters such as continued economic prosperity and diversification, strategies to reduce poverty and improve household income across all races and genders and throughout all Tampa’s neighborhoods. The group will look for key tactical and strategic initiatives to bolster Tampa’s financial stability and facilitate economic opportunities.

Economic Advisory Team Documents

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