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First Project of Tampa MOVES Citywide Mobility Plan Now Complete

This information is 7 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Safety Improvements Completed Along One of Tampa's Most Popular Corridors

The first project of the Tampa MOVES citywide mobility plan is now complete and already providing a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.  As one of downtown Tampa's most popular corridors, a section of North Morgan Street has undergone a series of safety improvements:
  • The left-turn lane, located at North Morgan Street and Palm Avenue has been repurposed into a pedestrian refuge, providing pedestrians with a safe place to stand while waiting to cross [number] of traffic lanes.
  • The speed limit has been decreased from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour along North Morgan Street from East Floribraska Avenue to East Fortune Street.
  • "Sharrows," a term used for shared lane markings indicating that bicyclists may utilize the full lane, have also been installed along the same stretch of road.
  • A new, all-way-stop sign at the intersection of East Park Avenue and East Gladys Street has been installed to create a safer crossing opportunity. 
  • All side streets now have crosswalk markings.
  • Lastly, "Shared Street" signage will further identify North Morgan Street as a priority bike and pedestrian route.
"With more people moving to Tampa every year and using our roadways, it is imperative we make safety improvements as quickly as we can, beginning with our most transited locations," said Mayor Jane Castor. "Though Tampa is due for expansive transportation improvements and updates, Quick Build projects like these are equally valuable for their low cost and high impact." The Tampa MOVES citywide mobility plan was released in July of this year. This phase of the North Morgan Street project was the result of the City of Tampa's Vision Zero Tech Team's coordination with the Smart Mobility Department. The teams are also working on a second phase of improvements for Morgan Street from East Kay Street to East Brorein Street.