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New Wellness Hub Opens in East Tampa!

This information is 4 months 2 weeks old and may no longer be accurate.

The Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency is excited to announce the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for The Well, a new wellness hub located in East Tampa, on October 16th at 10am. The Well, located at 5110 N. 40th St., Tampa, FL 33610,  received a redevelopment grant up to $350,000 from the Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency, which has allowed for the transformation of a former nightclub, previously associated with crime issues, into a state-of-the-art wellness hub. The grant assisted with interior and exterior renovations. This project is a testament to the power of community redevelopment and the potential for more healthcare options in East Tampa. The Well will offer a range of wellness services to the local community, some services include, Health Matters Pharmacy , Pediatric and Family Medical Services, On-site Insurance Services and the Fight Wright Foundation, which will educate women of color through breast cancer awareness. The Well is an extension of the Health Matters Pharmacy, which as already been serving the East Tampa Community for the past five years.  Healthcare options are crucial for the East Tampa community as they directly impact the overall well-being, longevity, and quality of life of its residents. Access to quality healthcare services can help in early detection and treatment of diseases, promote healthy living, and reduce health disparities. Partnering with the Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency is equally important as it can provide opportunities to secure grants for the redevelopment of East Tampa. These grants can be used to improve infrastructure, create more healthcare facilities, and implement programs that promote health and wellness. This partnership can lead to a healthier, more vibrant community, and contribute to the economic and social revitalization of East Tampa. "We are thrilled to open our doors and begin serving the East Tampa community," said a spokesperson for The Well. "This project has been a labor of love, and we are grateful for the support from the Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency and the local community. We believe The Well will become a cornerstone of wellness in East Tampa." "The Well's transformation from a crime-ridden nightclub to a wellness hub is a shining example of how community investment and redevelopment can create positive change." said Tampa CRA Board Chair, Gwendolyn Henderson.  The Tampa CRA is dedicated to the revitalization of the East Tampa community, and this grant is a testament to their commitment and alignment with their CRA goals.  By supporting local businesses like The Well, the CRA is helping to foster a vibrant and thriving community in East Tampa.  For more information about the Tampa CRA and its grant programs, please visit our website at www.tampa.gov/cras or contact our office at 813-274-8325."Strengthening Communities" it's what we do!

The Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency is a public entity established under the guidelines of the Community Redevelopment Act (Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes) to implement community redevelopment activities within designated Community Redevelopment Areas or districts. Tampa’s Community Redevelopment Areas or districts include Central Park, Channel District, Downtown, Drew Park, East Tampa, Tampa Heights Riverfront, West Tampa, and Ybor City. Members of Tampa City Council serve as the Community Redevelopment Agency board and work closely with City staff to manage projects, programs, and redevelopment funding. The Tampa’s Community Redevelopment Agency board along with their Community Advisory Committees (CAC) work together to improve the quality of life within these areas or districts.