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More Tampa residents finding careers in key job sectors, showing demand for new workers

This information is 2 years 5 months old and may no longer be accurate.

More Tampa Bay residents are now finding work in some of the area’s leading industries, including financial services, real-estate, and other professional services, according to the City of Tampa’s Workforce Development team. 

From 2015 to 2020, job postings increased by six percent in the Tampa/Hillsborough area, showing a strong demand for workers.

Tampa and Hillsborough County Job Growth Trend

That is an increase of around 43,000 new job postings in the area over five years, according to Economic Modeling, a company contracted with the City of Tampa to provide labor market data. 

The six percent growth rate for the Tampa/Hillsborough area outpaced the national growth rate, which was stagnant. 

2020 Job Postings - Tampa and Hillsborough County

“It can be really expensive for companies to hire new workers,” according to Brenda McKenzie, who serves as director of Workforce Partnerships & Special Projects Director in the City of Tampa’s Neighborhood & Community Affairs Division. “The increase in job postings in Tampa/Hillsborough means that companies here are ready to make a bottom line investment in the talent needed to help grow their businesses.”

In terms of future growth, the City of Tampa is focused on five major job sectors that Mayor Jane Castor’s Workforce Development Advisory Committee identified as a priority. 

Top job sectors chart for Tampa and Hillsborough County

In 2020, according to Economic Modeling, the number of jobs posted in Tampa/Hillsborough in those five major job sectors were: 

  1. Construction: 2,082 positions posted 
  2. Manufacturing: 3,711 positions posted 
  3. Financial, Real Estate and Professional Services (led by banking and insurance): 17,708 positions posted 
  4. Tourism and Hospitality: 5,074 positions posted 
  5. Healthcare: 6,873 positions posted 

Ensuring people in the Tampa Bay area have access to job training and meaningful careers is a cornerstone of Mayor Jane Castor’s Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow Vision. 

“We want to help Tampa residents create their own success stories in our growing city,” Mayor Jane Castor said. “The secret is out. More and more folks are moving to Tampa each day from throughout the country. It’s important that we connect Tampa residents to these opportunities.”

To learn more about finding access to open positions across the Tampa Bay area, continuing education, state-sponsored apprenticeships, job training and social and financial resources, please visit https://www.tampa.gov/page/tpawrx.