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New Park Finder Challenge Promotes Tampa's Parks and Recreation

This information is 5 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Park Finder Challenge Promotes Tampa's Parks 


In honor of Florida Arbor Day, the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department is launching the Park Finder Challenge to encourage residents and visitors to head outside and explore the natural treasures and marvels our city has to offer.

The Park Finder Challenge involves 12 of Tampa's strategically chosen parks (plus the Riverwalk as a bonus) that allow participants to experience a wide selection of the outdoor space and recreational opportunities across the City of Tampa. Participants are challenged to visit all 12 parks within the year, submit photo proof and then collect a prize, which includes: an annual 2024 patch, park stickers, native seeds or the option to have the Parks & Rec team plant a tree in lieu of a prize. This is a self-paced challenge created for all ages and all abilities.

Media is invited to join the Americorps Green Team's Riverwalk Nature Tour on Friday, January 19, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. at 5 W. Laurel Street for an introduction to Tampa’s Park Finder Challenge. This particular tour will become available, free of charge, for the public next month as part of the challenge.


About the City of Tampa Parks & Recreation:
Tampa Parks & Recreation is an NRPA Gold Medal recipient and CAPRA-accredited agency with a mission to provide and preserve quality parks and recreation opportunities for all. Operating in a highly urbanized environment, we are dedicated to offering safe community green spaces that are conveniently accessible to all residents. With continued support from trusted partners and local community participation, we look forward to continuing to offer new, fun, and educational recreation and environmental stewardship opportunities throughout our community.