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Tampa Police Release Stats From Operation Countdown To Safety

This information is 2 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Beginning Friday, December 29, 2023, through Monday, January 1, 2023, Tampa Police increased patrol presence throughout the city as a part of Operation Countdown to Safety.

Focused on promoting responsible New Year celebrations, officers were dedicated to removing impaired drivers from our roadways, holding those who shoot celebratory gunfire into the air accountable, and encouraging the community to report any suspicious activity while they attended various large events over the weekend.

Through their proactive efforts, officers were able to make a number of arrests and traffic stops that made an immediate difference in our community and helped ensure everyone was able to welcome 2024 safely.

Stats for this past weekend’s Operation Countdown to Safety are as follows:

DUI Arrests: 40

Traffic Stops: 693

Traffic Citations: 248

Warnings: 575

“In addition to our officers, our community played a pivotal role in the success of this operation,” said Chief Lee Bercaw. “Whether you ensured you or your friend had a designated driver, or you reported suspicious behavior while you attended an event, the community’s efforts alongside our officers made all the difference. This weekend’s operation proved that we can make Tampa safer, together.”