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Splash into Savings! Tampa Water Department Hosts Conservation Fair at City Center

This information is 1 month 3 weeks old and may no longer be accurate.

Faced with an ongoing rain deficit, Tampa is kicking off “Water Conservation Month” with a community fair aimed at reducing customers’ water use. The Tampa Water Department’s water conservation and outreach team will host a water conservation celebration outside the City Center at Hanna Avenue on Friday which all community members are invited. 

Participants will walk away with free water-saving devices, easy-to-follow tips, and a chance to win Florida-native plants.  

Conserving water is especially crucial now. Last year, Tampa had to purchase water from Tampa Bay Water twice and like the rest of Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties, was put under the Modified Phase One Water Restrictions which limit irrigation to once-a-week. Thanks in part to the water conservation and outreach team’s efforts, water demand in the City is down more than 6 million gallons a day (MGD) since the once-a-week watering restrictions went into effect in December. Florida homeowners use, on average, 991 gallons of water every time they irrigate. Excessive irrigation is one of the leading water usage problems, and in many cases, accounts to up to 50% of a household's water use.

On average, the city consumes about 82 million gallons a day, with each individual consuming approximately 100 gallons a day.

“Conserving water is crucial to the future of Tampa,” said Rory Jones, Tampa Water Department Director. “Through action and education, we can reduce our water demand and ensure our water resources will last for generations to come.”   

The department’s water conservation and outreach team actively works to reduce water use and protect our water resources all year round. Team members provide a variety of services to Tampa Water Department customers including:  


  • Irrigation Evaluations: In 2023, the team performed approximately 160 irrigation evaluations at homes across the City of Tampa. On average, these one-on-one irrigation evaluations resulted in water savings of more than 9,000 gallons per household per month.  
  • Indoor Water Conservation Kits: Giving customers the tools they need to reduce their water use is crucial. Last year, team members distributed more than 1,150 indoor water conservation kits, which include leak detection tablets, shower heads, and water conservation information. Kits were linked to an average water savings of more than 2,900 gallons of water per residential household per month.  
  • Water Wise Rebates: The Tampa Water Department participates in the regional Tampa Bay Water Wise Rebate program. Last year, more than 190 residential customers received rebates for making water-efficient upgrades to their homes, like buying an EPA WaterSense-certified toilet.  

In addition to today’s water conservation celebration, team members regularly participate in community events, speak at neighborhood meetings and schools, as well as hold regular workshops. Education and outreach are essential to helping community members see the benefits of reducing water use.  

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