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Applying for a Residential Permit Just Got Easier


In an effort to assist homeowners and permit applicants with navigating the residential permitting process, the City of Tampa has launched a user-friendly tool to work alongside its permit system.

The guide, named Permit Navigator, or PermitNav for short, takes users through a series of questions, simplifying the permit pre-application process. It will help users quickly identify what permits they need for their project.

“Unless they regularly apply for permits, the average homeowner needs guidance to navigate the application process," said JC Hudgison, Chief Building Official/Construction Services Manager for the City of Tampa. “We have had residents spend hours applying for a commercial permit when what they really needed was a residential one. PermitNav is their personal, online, permit specialist that walks them through a series of questions to help identify which permits they will need."

Since 2020, Tampa has seen a steady increase in the number of residential permit applications. From October 2023 to March 2024, it has issued more than 13,000 residential and commercial permits with a value of $1.8 billion.

To learn more about the new tool, visit tampa.gov/permitnav.