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Monuments' Dedication Honors World War II Veterans From Lincoln Gardens, Carver City

The City of Tampa will be unveiling and dedicating six new monuments at Veterans Plaza in Jim Walter Park today, May 29, at 10:30 a.m.

The monuments for these World War II veterans and their unveiling have been years in the making. The residents — five from Lincoln Gardens and one from Carver City — are Elco Bolton Sr., J.C. Bozeman Sr., David Bryant Sr., Ernest Sims, Donald B. Wilder Sr., and Reginald V. Williams. Family members will be in attendance at this celebration.

Jim Walter Park honors the veterans and families from World War II who drove the establishment of modern homes for African Americans. Because of the efforts of those first military veterans and families, the Veterans Administration developed the first planned Black subdivision, Lincoln Gardens, in the Carver City area in 1948-49.