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Tampa Police To Produce Weekly Spanish Segments for Local Hispanic Community


To enhance communication with our Spanish-speaking residents, we are excited to announce the launch of "Noticias de Policia De Tampa." This weekly feature will be available on Policia De Tampa's social media pages and a dedicated YouTube playlist on Tampa Police's channel. Stay tuned for important updates and information in Spanish to better serve our community.

“Noticias de Policia De Tampa” will provide our Spanish media outlets with b-roll and interviews that will provide an overview of weekly incidences and other relevant topics to help keep the community informed.

“The Latino/Hispanic population within the city has grown to just over 26%,” said Chief Lee Bercaw. “In order to keep everyone safe, you also have to keep them informed. Launching “Noticias de Policia de Tampa” is a positive step towards enhancing our relationship with our Hispanic residents while ensuring they are aware of what’s happening in our community.”

“Noticias de Policia De Tampa” will be posted every Friday by 5:00 p.m. and will include stories from the week and the previous weekend.

The first episode of “Noticias de Policia De Tampa” can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Yovnep3biPU

We also encourage the community to submit topic suggestions for future episodes by emailing TPD-PIO@tampagov.net.

We look forward to producing this content for you all and the community we share as we fulfill our mission of being safer, together.