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City Advertises Property for Affordable Housing Projects

This information is 11 months 2 weeks old and may no longer be accurate.

Developers interested in joining the effort to create more affordable housing in Tampa now have another tool at their disposal.

The City of Tampa has launched an interactive map where users can view city-owned lots available for affordable housing projects. The map allows the user to filter the properties by Community Redevelopment Area (CRA), council district, overlay district, and its Future Land Use designation. 

The map is released ahead of the enactment of Florida's new law, known as the Live Local Act, which as of July 1, 2023, will make it easier and more financially attractive for affordable housing developments to enter the market. 

"To truly address Tampa's affordable housing crisis, we welcome sweeping policy changes and the incentives they will bring for the private sector to join us in this battle," said Nicole Travis, administrator of Development and Economic Opportunity for the City of Tampa. "We need to leverage private investment, because local jurisdictions cannot fight this battle alone. Our housing and development teams are ready to implement the changes brought by this new law by the July 1st effective date."

Developers interested in purchasing a city-owned lot set aside for affordable housing developments should contact the City of Tampa's Real Estate division. Per City law, the property must first be advertised in a Request for Proposal (RFP) before a developer can be selected.

To view the new interactive map of city-owned lots available for affordable housing projects, please visit this link